Save The Brooklyn Heights Promemade
Let’s keep it this way!

Let’s keep it this way!

Our Mission

Our mission is simple:

Stop the use of the BQE from Atlantic Ave to Sands St.

No one should have to live over a highway.

The NYCDOT project to repair the BQE under the promenade includes a proposal to shutdown the historic Promenade for 6 years! At the end of that, we will end up with an even larger highway spewing pollution, vibrations, and noise into our neighborhoods.

Thanks to our historic neighbors, the building of the Promenade was a compromise under the threat from Robert Moses. Now the highway stretch has outlived its useful life and should be taken out of service versus being repaired.

We respect that the people at the NYCDOT have a difficult task ahead of them to figure out alternatives in the face of crumbling infrastructure. Unfortunately, we cannot continue living over a highway.